Frequently asked questions

What is a video channel?

Video channel is a playlist of videos from YouTube. Each video has defined chance of play.
When you watch a channel, you will see these videos played randomly based on this play chance.
Some videos will be played more frequently, some less frequently. That's it.

What are the types of channels?

There are two kinds of video channels.
Handcrafted — these channels were created by some responsible people.
They pick all the videos manually to create unique experience for their viewers.
Examples of handcrafted channels: MTV 00s, MTV 90s, GigTV — Rock
Autogenerated — these are created automatically based off some radio station.
Their playlists consist of tracks that play on the radio station. Most important thing is that rotation frequency of each track is the same as on the original radio station. This should give viewers exactly the same musical experience as they would listen to the radio.
Examples of autogenerated channels: .977 Today's Hits, PopRocks (SiriusXM), BPM (SiriusXM)

Why would I watch the channel instead of listening to the radio station?

If you enjoy DJs, live shows, talks, and radio ads, then probably you shouldn't.
But if you listen to some radio mainly for music experience, then you should try to watch a channel based on that radio station.
You will hear your favorite music and you will see it, too. Also, the channel won't have any talks and ads. You can think about it as good old music TV in 90s.
Also, some radio stations (satellite, for example) require you to pay monthly fee to listen to them. Video channels are completely free and available on any device.
Just try to find your favorite radio and check its video channel, you might be pleasantly surprised.

How is it different from shuffle mode in Spotify, YouTube, and other services?

We use weighted random to select next video for you. This means that all videos are not the same. Some videos could be played once a day, some once a month, and these details create this unique experience from watching the channel.
Also, our algorithm has some extra logic to make your experience better. For example, for music videos it won't play videos from the same artist one after another or within one hour.
Handcrafted playlists are maintained by real enthusiasts who thoroughly pick videos and set their play chances.
Playlists are never the same, they evolve on constant basis, so you never know what will be the next video.

How to create my own channel?

We are still testing channel management tools among small community of creators.
If you would like to create your own channel, please share your thoughts with us at

How to add/edit radio station?

We are working on this. People will be able to add new stations and edit existing one, but it will be a bit later.
Please check this feature later, or you can contact us at

What is rating for channels and radio stations?

We use a special formula to calculate some rating for every channel and radio station.
The formula includes number of users engaged with the station, favorites count, rotation quality, and many other parameters.
Sometimes we adjust the formula to be more reasonable. The ultimate goal is to give our users some metric to find high quality content faster.

What is rotation quality?

This number updates daily for every radio station. It's calculated based on tracks that were played on the radio.
Higher number means more diverse playlist with more unique songs and artists.
Lower number indicates that the radio plays same songs over and over again.

How does this project make money?

This website doesn't make any money. It was created as a side project and being supported by a group of enthusiasts.
Our primary goal for now is to create a really nice and convenient tool for listeners/watchers and content creators.
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